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Akshay Verma

Interaction Designer
& Filmmaker

About me  

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I’m an interaction designer with a penchant for technology, process, learning, and creating new futures, backed by an array of digital and physical skills.

I’m currently looking to turn one of my projects into a start-up, but I’m also open to interesting opportunities, especially in the domain of designing tangible things.

Previously, I went to Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design in 2015 and from 2010–2014, I studied film at the National Institute of Design in India.

I’ve worked on projects for clients like IKEA, Barclays and the Copenhagen Municipality and my work has been featured on Fast Company, Wired and The Creators Project.

Vayu Illustration

Internet of things


Smart window controller for IKEA that maintains indoor air freshness using outside air.

Aspirational Lamp Illustration


The Aspirational Lamp

Reading lamp by night, solar power generator by day. It sells power to the grid, connects with other lamps, invests in stocks and upgrades itself.

Isomer Illustration



Platform for design collaboration with the goal of creating open source alternatives to everyday things.

Guided Welcome Illustration


Guided Welcome

Making immigrant registration fast, stress-free and welcoming for the International House in Copenhagen.

Relay Illustration



A mobile app for hyperlocal communication that relays messages over a peer-to-peer local network.

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